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I2P outproxies: How to and General information

What is a outproxy? A outproxy would be the same as a Tor exit node for http(s). It's a way to allow your tunnel clients to exit via your router to the "clearnet". Background History As you might not know, I2P was designed to be an internal network, which where outproxies weren't used since all traffic where expected to remain inside the I2P network. Compared to Tor,

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How to run 128 (testnet) I2P routers in multiple subnets on a single Linux system.

For a long time, at least internally it's been talking about the need of a testnet for I2P. Testing in production isn't trivial :) I've been on and off the mission in quiet for myself for a while now, but finally completed something worty publishing, in other words a working testnet setup/teardown script. When I was thinking about the case two technologies comes to mind which might help getting the

I2P Testing Linux
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Gitifying I2P: How to make git clone resumable

Have you ever cloned a git repository on a bad internet connection? I have, it don't work. When I lived in the Philippines for a year and a half, I had to clone repositories to a server of mine in Norway, for then sharing the repo via torrent so I could download it to my laptop in the Philippines. And it seems many has asked for this feature, or workarounds

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Russia, shame on you! Censorship is lame.

Or in Russian; Позор Российскому руководству! Цензура это полный бред. NOTE: In the bottom, this text is translated into Russian by orignal from I2Pd. Thanks to him. I barely knows a word Russian myself. Before, I kind of respected you, as the gov. - But now you totally lost me. Anyway, I'm deeply invovled in the I2P project these days. And saw a way to help poor russian citicens reaching

Crypto and math
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R.I.P Return-oriented Programming (ROP)

Intel has this Control-flow Enforcement Technology (CET), as of October 20th 2017 there are no Intel processors currently being sold that support it yet. But it will be available sooner or later- however for now, have fun :) Control-flow Enforcement Technology aims to prevent return-oriented programming (ROP) and call-jump-oriented programming (COP/JOP) attacks. The Intel-developed technology tries to prevent control-flow attacks by the concept of having a shadow stack to keep